Affinda launches its NextGen Resume Parser, the most accurate resume parser on the market

2024/4/9 11:16:57

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Affinda, a global leader in document AI processing, has launched its NextGen Resume Parser which provides organisations with the best resume parser on the market for accuracy, adaptability and data coverage. Try for free.

Learn all about the NextGen Resume Parser's features and benefits for your business with Affinda's Commercial Director, Brendan McGreevy and Head of AI, Andrew Bird.

Many businesses experience challenges extracting accurate data from candidate resumes. As the recruitment industry evolves, more and more companies are adopting AI technologies, such as a resume parser, to stay competitive. Affinda's NextGen Resume Parser delivers up to 50% greater accuracy than competing products, extracts information from over 100 fields, supports multiple languages and offers customisation options.

Affinda's resume parser is used by Job Boards, HR SaaS companies, ATS providers and recruitment teams, which are all seeking to automate the manual work involved in reviewing candidate resumes. In addition to its NextGen Resume Parser, Affinda offers an entire suite of solutions for recruitment to meet the evolving needs of its customers, including a resume redactor, a job description parser and a search and match tool which helps its customers automatically match candidates to jobs.

Affinda's Head of AI, Andrew Bird, said: "By ensuring candidate data is processed accurately every time, our NextGen Resume Parser is a game changer for our customers, enabling greater automation of the recruitment process and allowing candidates to be placed faster than ever before."  

Early users of the NextGen Resume Parser have seen a significant increase in accuracy when extracting data from:

  • Key fields, such as work experiences, education, skills and personal details
  • Unique fields, such as associations, projects and hobbies
  • Resumes in different languages, including Thai, Arabic and many others

"At Affinda, we're committed to eliminating manual document processing by offering AI solutions that automate manual processes and seamlessly integrate with existing systems," said Anthony England, Head of Growth at Affinda. "By automating document processing workflows, our customers can refocus their time and resources on more important business priorities."

With a dedicated team of AI experts and customer support team members in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, Affinda prides itself on offering exceptional customer support, taking the time to understand its customers' unique business challenges and tailoring solutions to suit specific use cases.

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About Affinda:

Affinda is a leading document AI processing business which helps organisations automate their high-volume document workflows. Affinda's AI technology is used by customers across a wide range of industries and use cases, including in recruitment, accounts payable and compliance. Affinda is trusted by some of the world's leading institutions, with hundreds of customers in 40+ countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Affinda has a global team across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Find out more at